Package opam-core


OpamCompatCompatibility layer (Bytes, etc.) for different OCaml versions
OpamConsoleConsole output, ANSI color, logging and user querying
OpamCoreConfigConfiguration options for the core lib (record, global reference and setter)
OpamFilenameHigher level file and directory name manipulation AND file operations, wrappers on OpamSystem using the filename type
OpamJsonWrapper on Jsonm; only needed for some debug options
OpamParallelParallel execution of jobs following a directed graph
OpamProcessProcess and job handling, with logs, termination status, etc.
OpamSHAPure OCaml implementation of SHA256/512 hashing functions. Functions take a filename and return the hash as an hex string.
OpamStdGeneric stdlib functions (String, List, Option, Sys submodules...)
OpamSystemBindings of lots of filesystem and system operations
OpamUrlURL parsing and printing, with support for our different backends
OpamVersion(generated) Current OPAM version
OpamVersionCompareVersion comparison function used throughout. From the Dose suite.