Package opam-format

OpamTypesDefinitions of many types used throughout


OpamFileHandles all OPAM file formats as record types and submodules, conversion to and from syntax
OpamFilterFormulas on variables, as used in opam files build scripts
OpamFormatOPAM files syntax and conversion tools
OpamFormatConfigConfiguration options for the format lib (record, global reference and setter)
OpamFormulaFormulas on packages, opt. with sub-formulas on versions, and conversion functions
OpamLineLexerA simple lexer to list of lines, which are lists of words
OpamPackageThe package type, and package name type (name+version, values often called "nv" in the code)
OpamPpGeneric bidirectional transformation toolbox for parsing/printing
OpamRepositoryNameThe type for repository names
OpamSwitchThe type for switch names
OpamTypesBaseHelper functions on the base types (from OpamTypes)
OpamVariableOPAM variables with scope (global or module), used in "opam" package definition files in "filters"